MyVisualAid, also known as My Visual Aid, is specialized in the development and production of PowerPoint presentations. Let us make your PowerPoint presentation.


and safety? Yes, we care!

Needless to say, confidentiality and safety take centre stage at our company.

We do our utmost to keep your data safe and protected, and are more than willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

If you don’t have a confidentiality agreement you can download a contract template here
All our computers are password-protected and all our team members, both internal and external, have signed a confidentiality agreement.

What about external suppliers?

 Our external partners also do their utmost to guarantee the safe handling of your details.
 We use WeTransfer, the well-known Dutch/American file mailing system located in Europe, to exchange large files with our clients.

How safe is WeTransfer?
 We use Office 365,
a cloud-based business software package developed by Microsoft for email exchanges.

Security in Office 365 White Paper
Single point of contact

But we take it a step further ...

At your request, we delete everything, including emails, from our computers and servers. We only save your reference number to be included on the invoice.