MyVisualAid, also known as My Visual Aid, is specialized in the development and production of PowerPoint presentations. Let us make your PowerPoint presentation.

Development approach

Our Approach


Intake Meeting

Your presentation project will start with an informative meeting. During this meeting several (critical) questions will be asked, with the sole purpose of gaining insight into your presentation and your vision.


Creative Meeting

In this internal meeting our design and communication experts will not only think about all aspects of the content (storyline, copywriting, etc.), but also about a visual communication and design concept for your presentation.


Story & Copywriting

Then our copywriter will write a creative story for your presentation. We will send you draft versions for evaluation regularly. Based on your feedback we will further refine the story until we are all happy with
the result.


Design Creation




Corrections & Delivery

Based on the communication concept and copywriting, our designer will develop a pre-production preview of 5 to 10 slides. This will be presented to you to see if it fits with your vision and expectations.The finishing touches to the presentation can now be added. You will receive draft versions regularly during this phase as well. The purpose is to inform you of the progress, and give you the possibility to adapt the final result if necessary.We always plan two correction rounds into our price quote. From our experience, we know that this is more than sufficient in most cases. However, if it appears that more corrections are needed, these can be performed at our standard hourly rate as stated in our quote.
Single point of contact

Single point of contact

We appoint a single point of contact (SPOC) for each project. He or she works closely together with you, manages the project, and acts as the Creative Director.