MyVisualAid, also known as My Visual Aid, is specialized in the development and production of PowerPoint presentations. Let us make your PowerPoint presentation.

SlideSeeing Maps
We use our SlideSeeing Mapping technique to improve the visual impact of each slide in your presentation.
We developed this methodology ourselves, which makes it unique in our branch.

A virtual path for each slide

By using the SlideSeeing Mapping technique, we create a virtual path in your slide that intuitively reveals the essence of the message to the audience.

We improve the visual appearance of the title


We make sure the title summarises the core message of your slide.


We give the title a prominent place on the slide.


We emphasise the most important keywords in the title.

We improve the legibility of the body text

We reorganise the text on the slide to make the content more comprehensible on a visual level. The order of the content will be changed, and extra content layers and visual markers will be added, all with the sole purpose of making the text more readable.

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