MyVisualAid, also known as My Visual Aid, is specialized in the development and production of PowerPoint presentations. Let us make your PowerPoint presentation.



Not just the opera,
but the marketing model too!
At MyVisualAid, the aesthetic aspects of your presentation are important,
but the way in which we can reinforce the message of the presentation is always foremost in our minds.
To do this, we apply the principles of AIDA.


We make sure that the beginning of each presentation attracts the audience's attention.


The first five minutes of your presentation are crucial to grab your audience's interest. For this reason, you better start with the essence of your presentation immediately.


Viewers who are really interested in the subject, will automatically follow the rest of your presentation. Now is the time to go deeper into your premise, view, or opinion.


If everything went well, people will want to talk to you about the subject afterwards. Make sure that they know how to contact you at the end of your presentation.
Single point of contact

Our quality assurance

By applying the principles of AIDA to the presentations we make, we are sure that every slide and presentation we deliver, meets certain quality requirements.